"A bad day on a bike is better than a good day at a job you hate." -George Washington (probably)

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What people who are not me are saying about our products:

"Dumonde Tech BHP is the only chain lube that I can actually see the results with."

I torture chains in 20+ hour races, and X rings hold up to the abuse thanks to Dumonde Tech. I was not getting that with wax-based lubes. Keep the wax in your scented candle." - Dustin Ashe-Everest

-1st 2021 Best in the Desert - Vegas To Reno Pro-Ironman

-8th 2021 Pro Ironman SCORE International San Felipe 250

-2nd 2020 Best in the Desert - Silver-state 300

-2019 Pro Ironman SCORE International Baja 1000 - Participant

-1st 2018 Best in the Desert - Vegas To Reno Ironman Amateur

"The chain lube is amazing; definitely not going to run anything else"

Michael Shoop after taking the Dumonde Tech BHP challenge on both his and his father's Kawasaki Kx250F.

FRICTION is the undoing of Brake Horsepower

Just like “Comparison is the thief of joy” and “Can’t is the cancer of does,”; FRICTION is the undoing of Brake Horsepower.

Dumonde Tech BHP Chain Oil is an internationally recognized complex compound which increases the bhp (brake horsepower) on vehicles using chain drive systems. Are you ready to take the BHP challenge?

"You can do it put your back into it"

-Ice Cube

Keep the rubber side down!

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